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Coaching for businesses

Through consulting, training and coaching, we set up a unifying business model called the Zone for Higher Performance.

Built from a combination of management, neuroscience and quantum physics, this model encourages a culture where the heart recognizes and naturally responds to a cause that is greater than its own.

When a sense of purpose is promoted within the organization, individual and collective energies are awakened and united, so that unlimited results can be obtained.


in 2015, a study1 was conducted by McKinsey. It evaluated hundreds of leadership programs. Its conclusion was bold: leadership programs are failing despite 14 billion dollars yearly investments in the USA alone. A third of surveyed businesses say they missed opportunities because of the lack of leadership.

As far as we are concerned, we do notice that without clear personal vision, without the adequate use of personality traits and without the clarification of beliefs when it comes to leadership, managers are left trying to lead, showing no coherence and effectiveness. The result: 85% of the workforce in the world, according to Gallup2, is not committed. In other words, solutions offered today simply do not hit the mark. Leaders are frustrated, just as much as employees.

So what is leadership?

Well, it has to do with the alignment of three brains3: the one in the head, the one in the heart, the one in the gut. You read that right. It is a fact. You have three brains. Welcome to the world of neuroscience.

We, at nüco international, focus our energies in unifying your three brains, so that what you think, what you say, how you feel and what you do is one! This coherence is heard and felt by your employees, making you charismatic, yet being absolutely who you are. You will enhance mobilization, naturally, without extra effort, simply by being coherent.


Transmitting and receiving information is more than simply using words. Your energy, your emotions, your body language [or lack of] also participate in your communication. You become responsible for your communication when you are committed to really getting the other person’s perspective, before transmission of your message. Simple. But, if an important challenge remains constant in today’s organizations, coherent communications certainly is the one!

Neuroscience shows that your heart plays an active role in coherent communications [scientifically demonstrated]. Knowing this, doesn’t it become pivotal to explore the role of your heart? How do you use this information so that the quality of your message reaches new levels of effectiveness?

That is what we help you with!

According to recent studies in neurosciences4, what brings a team to become world class is the coherence of all brains: Your brains, and the ones of all players.

Nüco international’s team building is made of workshops, retreats and coaching sessions whose main purpose is to bring unity and coherence within, and therefore, without.

This is how you have each member align to your vision.

We use neurosciences notions, practical exercises known for their capacity to increase coherence, precise protocols and conversations. We help uncover obstacles in the realization of everyone’s full potential, and therefore in unity of the team.

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