Becoming a natural leader January 2019


Tuesday, January 22, 2019
7:15AM-11:15AM, Including BullettProof Breakfast

Where : 100-109 boulevard de Bromont, Bromont, Qc

There was a time when we would learn to be a leader by observing the ones we figured looked like good leaders to us. Leadership trainings were the next step. But, according to McKinsey, leadership programs simply don’t work. So how can you be the leader you naturally are in 2019?

You’ll discover:

  • What is leadership and charisma according to recent neurosciences studies
  • Why your leadership style should be harmonized to your personality traits
  • The direct link between leadership and heart rate variability

You’ll leave with:

  • New insights on leadership and charisma and how it applies to you
  • Knowledge offering steps you can take to move towards a leadership style that is coherent with your essence
  • An actionable tool that will help create and maintain the state in which you are the natural leader you are.
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