Free to be: the key to work fulfillment

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A Luc Cardinal keynote from the Zone for Higher Performance™ series

Gallup, the gigantic analytics and advice corporation, surveyed 1,700,000 individuals over a 20 years period in 63 countries. Part of the group where 80,000 managers. Here’s what they found: people come and work for companies that have vision, and eventualy leave because of the poor relationship with their bosses. Our take on it is: they’re not free to be!Le bonheur au travail selon Gallup, conférence de Luc Cardinal

One of the most important element that has good employees committed and happy at work, is the quality of their relationship with their boss. Yet all around the world, bosses keep ignoring the foundations of mobilisation. They are well intended, they do want their employees to perform and be happy, they read books and take seminars on the subject, they’ll even come to this conference. But it will not change. Unless!

Unless they’re ready to consider the following: you cannot solve a problem at the same thinking level it was created at in the first place, says Einstein.  And by the way, only 13% of employees worldwide are committed at work. Are they all lasy or something? Not at all! It is time to consider these questions from another perspective, the one offered by neurosciences applied to business, Luc Cardinal’s specialty.

A refreshing perspective on being happy at work

The problem is not in the head, so stop learning heady stuff about motivation, relationships or even leadership. Managers simply need to reconnect to their natural intuitive qualities. These have long been associated with true leadership. That is now scientifically proven. These qualities cannot be experienced and delivered through your head, through thinking processes, using a learned recipe. It is time to open a new modern management toolbox: the intuitive guidance of your heart. Yes, your heart! Keep reading, your head also has a place in the new leadership equations.

As an employee, you can take the lead if this calls you. And the great benefit is that it will permeate into other people around you. That also is scientifically proven. Connecting to your heart, your core, is contagious. People get it. And it feels great. This is when you make sure you know what is expected of you, you perform your best work and get recognized for it, every day. You notice how quality work is appreciated all around you. Gratitude is present in your team. You are able to offer all you have to offer, you don’t hold back on anything. You have taken responsibility and created the conditions for you to be free to be.

If it does not seem to be a possibility for you right now, bring yourself to this conference. Latest research material, stories from thousands of hours of coaching, practical exercises, humorous anecdotes and more will be offered so you can make this a life changing experience.

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You’ll discover:

  • The elements for happiness at work (it has little to do with what you might think)
  • Three important duos: security & control, belonging & kindness, credibility & positivity that dominate interactions
  • New exciting ways to alter your present reality and feel fulfilled

You’ll leave with:

  • Simple tools that if used every day will transform your level of happiness in all areas of your life
  • A new take of the boss-employee relationship that will free you both
  • The possibility of leading from your heart, gaining access to your intuitive intelligence

Each keynote or training features:

  • Scientific observations, practical examples and simple tools that can be used right away
  • Neuroscience knowledge applied to business environments

Target Audience:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Employees
  • Mixed (employees and managers)

Available formats:

  • 45 to 90 minute keynotes: Presentation and some audience interactions
  • 3 to 6 hours training: Presentation, interactions and integration exercises


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