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Luc Cardinal keynote from the Zone for Higher Performance™ series

One could describe the “box” as a structure that defines our thoughts, our emotions, our behaviors and therefore, our results.Sortir de la boîte, conférence de Luc Cardinal

Between our birth and our entry into adulthood, we all have accumulated millions of informations that became our personality, our identity, our “box of conditionings”. This box is a form of invisible automation for our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, our results. You read that right, a form of invisible automation. Indeed, most of our actions are in fact reactions, automatic and predictable. They are determined by our conditionings, by our past. Therefore, how can we reach our full potential unless we realize this very important notion; we are, for the most part, stuck in our box of conditionings!

Your box works overtime to respond to three basic needs. Most of our thoughts, emotions and actions are created out of fulfilling these needs. So we hide behind social desirability masks, modulate what we say or feel, so we can feel better, on the surface, because our needs are met. Yet, under the surface, we never seem to feel a deep sense of peace. This very scenario is what keeps us from our full potential, from reaching our objectives, from demonstrating true commitment at work (according to Gallup, 87% of workers are not committed). The feeling of lack will, in time, permeate every corner of our internal life. Lack of time, of genuine satisfying relationships, of feeling recognized for our contribution. Lack of meaning, lack of motivation, lack of life!

But it does not have to be this way.

This conference offers a clear and freeing perspective on the way we were conditioned. You’ll discover the Zone for Higher Performance, a consciousness model based on recent neuroscience discoveries. A simple practice will help you take charge of your box so it can become the perfect self-realization toolbox. You’ll have a better understanding of the way you operate, which leads to more presence, satisfaction and freedom.

Better communication skills, motivation and commitment are results of the practice that will be shared in this keynote.

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You’ll discover:

  • How your box was put in place
  • The way stress keeps you in it
  • Three essential needs of your personality, and how to take conscious care of them
  • Human traits that become available, easily and naturally, once out of the box

You’ll leave with:

  • A method to get out of the box, again and again
  • Ways to get others to truly listen and get out of their own box
  • A way to connect to your true potential

Each keynote or training features:

  • Scientific observations, practical examples and simple tools that can be used right away
  • Neuroscience knowledge applied to business environments

Target Audience:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Employees
  • Mixed (employees and managers)

Available formats:

  • 45 to 90 minute keynotes : Presentation and some audience interactions
  • 3 to 6 hours training : Presentation, interactions and integration exercises

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