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Luc Cardinal keynote from the Zone for Higher Performance™ series

Nothing of importance can be built without a healthy intellect. Our capacity to think, feel, decide, communicate and act is considerably slowed down, if not stopped altogether, by stress induced irrational thinking. It’s time to consider moving past our monkey brains!La haute performance mentale, conférence de Luc Cardinal

To care for a healthy cognition is to give yourself the possibility of getting more done in less time, without the need to work harder. Does that make sense? This keynote from international speaker Luc Cardinal clearly demonstrates the relationship between the quality of thoughts and internal processes and energy. It shows why few individuals seem to be able to change their automatic thinking patterns. So what? Because there is a direct link between the quality of your thougths and thinking abilities and internal well-being. This understanding stems from exciting neurosciences discoveries.

If you could understand the chaotic nature of your automatic thoughts, and how they participate in the creation of your reality, wouldn’t you want to stand guard at the door of your thoughts, as the famous American psychologist Dr Wayne Dyer was saying?

If 87% of employees throughout the world are not committed (Gallup), it is because stress, constant pressure, fast pace modern life living and lack of purpose induces less than desirable automatic thinking in their minds. Short term vision leads, antidepressants are used like candies, survival is the new norm. Who in their right mind would want to be fully engaged in these conditions?

Nonetheless, the creative energy that inhabits any healthy, aligned businesses proves there are possibilities to face these challenges. Business leaders in successful companies are integrating applied knowledge from the neuroscience and quantum physics fields to better develop management skills. Through this, they’re developing a sense of unity, innovation, interpersonal skills and expertise that are essential to success.

Organizational efficiency can then reach unimagined levels with each individual obtaining maximum results with minimal effort.

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What is the Zone for Higher Performance™ ?

Your Zone for Higher Performance is a consciousness and leadership model, six levels matrix that was developed while working on a mandate in Canada and the USA. Hundreds of people were being trained and coached on what it takes to improve communications with oneself and with others. Through this process, combining field experience and neurocoaching studies, this model was slowly crafted and tested. This model enables leaders to acquire a new perspective on courage, motivation, passion, commitment, empowerment and resilience. It explains why we often lack the courage needed for authentic communication, as an example. It explains in new terms why relationships and communications are often a challenge as opposed to a source of self-actualization and cohesion.

Participants confirm, time and time again, how they’ve reduced stress, conflicts and misunderstandings. In contrast, they gain unprecedented clarity, energy and wellness.

You’ll discover:

  • Recent research on the influence of internal processes and states on thoughts and emotions
  • The influence of the six pillars of trust on your colleagues and employees
  • Personal acute observation skills as the best way to influence your reality and outcome

You’ll leave with:

  • An increased awareness of the influence of stress on thinking and how to stop it
  • Powerful brain restructuring tools so you can attain higher performance
  • A better capacity to transform difficult situations

Each keynote or training features:

  • Scientific observations, practical examples and simple tools that can be used right away
  • Neuroscience knowledge applied to business environments

Target Audience:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Employees
  • Mixed (leaders, managers, employees)

Available formats:

  • 45 to 90 minute keynotes: Presentation and some audience interactions
  • 3 to 6 hours training: Presentation, interactions and integration exercises


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