Luc Cardinal
International keynote speaker

Luc Cardinal produces events featuring a sense of deep connection that wakes and utilizes all human senses, allowing individuals to feel whole and free to express their true essence.

Even as a kid, he believed that as a species, we could be more, reconnect to our power, express who we truly are while soaring to new heights. His keynotes are still based on these beliefs: helping leaders being all they can be.

What if there was more?

Here’s a different kind of speaker! Bold, true, offering rarely shared knowledge with the aim of evolving consciousness in business.

Through thousands of hours of speaking, training and executive coaching, his work with renowned experts [Steven Covey, Edward de Bono, Tom Peters, etc.], his studies, including Neuro Coaching, Luc Cardinal has found simple and impactful ways to stir things up and defy the status quo. He helps leaders in getting out of the box of conditionings so they can offer their full expression, thus living a more fulfilling and happy life.

Lecture excerpt from Luc in French

Lecture excerpt from Luc in English

See what participants have to say about Luc:

« Liberating! »

C. Chapman,
Plant manager,

« Authentic!»

S. Martin,
Sourcing expert,

« Impactful! »

L. Goldner,

« A magical moment »

F. Ely,
HR Consultant,

« Bringing new insights! »

S. Cavalli,
Sales manager,

Does your team use its full potential?

Clients hire Luc in order to take advantage of recent neurosciences discoveries in business, applying it to strategic planning or finding solutions to tense relationship situations. He helps transform business cultures, rekindle Vision-Mission-Values, and in many other ways, get full potential actualized in top teams.

Today’s business world faces enormous challenges. Top leaders will rise to the challenge, given they experience a deep level of personal and organizational purpose.


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Luc Cardinal, keynote speaker in action

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