Managing through complexities and uncertainties

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A Luc Cardinal keynote from the Zone for Higher Performance™ seriesManager dans la complexité et l'incertitude, conférence de Luc Cardinal

Life is getting more and more complex. Uncertainty is everywhere. Many of the strategies and work ethics that brought us success in the past no longer work. 

The complexity of management and leadership responsibilities is real. Today’s leaders are facing uncertainty like never before. So many tools and methodologies are now outdated. There is a new paradigm emerging. Leaders are facing the unknown, confronted with revisiting their leadership style, their approach, their methods. It is time to reconsider what worked and does not anymore. Recent leadership, team building and mobilization breakthroughs uncovered in neurosciences must be considered.

The “Managing through complexities and uncertainties” keynote from Luc Cardinal offers new insights on the so-called complexity, and deep understanding of the source of uncertainty. And it is now what you might think.

Come discover a new paradigm that will shift how you approach your role as a leader, and how you view your present challenges.

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You’ll discover:

  • How complexity and uncertainty influences your brain, and your results
  • The relationship between perception, reality, stress and mobilization
  • Complexity according to IBM: learning to take advantage of it
  • The Zone for Higher Performance™ : the perfect model to deal with complexity and uncertainty

You’ll leave with:

  • The possibility to alter for the better your relationship to complexity
  • A tool to “light up” the part of your brain that offers the best solutions
  • A powerful feeling of being able to tackle whatever comes your way

Each keynote or training features:

  • Scientific observations, practical examples and simple tools that can be used right away
  • Neuroscience knowledge applied to business environments

Target Audience:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Employees
  • Mixed (leaders, managers, employees)

Available formats:

  • 45 to 90 minute keynotes: Presentation and some audience interactions
  • 3 to 6 hours training: Presentation, interactions and integration exercises


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