Natural Leadership: Why?

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Presence, awareness, mindfulness, conscious leadership, emotional intelligence, millennials, the speed of trust… so many new terms emerging in the corporate world that one may be wondering what it means to be a leader today. Or how leadership is seen true the lens of neurosciences and latest research on the topic. In our last blüg, we described a few ways leaders transform themselves into High Performance Leaders, better yet, into Natural Leaders. Go back to that blüg if you’d like to get more background before reading what follows.

Things have changed!

Time seems to go faster and faster, doesn’t it? It’s almost as if we no longer had twenty-four hours in a day. In these fast paced fast-changing times, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers all over the world can’t cope no more with constant pressure and to a certain degree, the craziness everyone is into. Facing these chaotic times, it is essential that as a leader you be accompanied by a Zone for Higher Performance Coach so you can take a step back, somehow, before life itself forces it upon you. Working on you and your business is not at all like working in your business. Would an elite athlete have a chance at the Olympics without a coach?

OK, so what is ZHP leadership and coaching?

When you enter a state of coherence within yourself, your three brains (head-heart-gut) are connected1. When we measure your heart rate variability in that state, we can see (and you can feel) a perfect sinusoidal curve associated with high coherence levels, or, high well-being levels, or in the Zone for Higher Performance. Life is no longer about performing, and paradoxically, you perform at your best.

Your heart brain always talks with your head brain. In fact, 80% of the communication goes from the heart to the head. When in a state of coherence, your head brain receives the information that all is well. It can stop being in a state of survival and give you access to higher intelligence, including heart (intuition) and gut (instinct) intelligence. Only in that state can you connect to your vision, inspiration, innovation, natural talents, creativity and emotional regulation capabilities. You can always try to make it there by willing yourself into it… but it will not work, ever. You may get the impression that it worked, but you’ll be back at your usual baseline in no time (time passing by so fast remember). When experiencing coherence, trust becomes the norm, costs go down and speed of execution goes up. Communication and the quality of your relationships increase, without even trying. Go figure the magic of the heart… A ZHP coach is simply in that state. And brings you along into coherence.

Todays challenges are met with new leadership toolkits !

Admit it, you are looking for success and balance, health and freedom, a feeling of well-being now and every day. But life can be so challenging right. And so fast you never find the right time to consider acquiring a new toolkit… or ways to be and lead your mind can’t even imagine. How could it, these paths are outside his radar, his knowledge base, his comfort zone? We all agree chaos is amongst us. Let’s also agree that leadership has to be about establishing coherence in the world! And the funny part is, you don’t even have to believe it or focus on it. After all, most of us have forgotten that this is who we are. Natural leadership is the leadership of the heart, embodied, felt and expressed.

Developing your natural leadership, being in your Zone for Higher Performance, is realizing you are not this voice in your head that talks all the time. Not what psychometric tools measure. Not what your voice in your head thinks you may be. Not what it might take to be a great leader, according to many of your 65,000 thoughts a day2.

Natural leadership is your birthright. But you’ll never experience it fully unless you’re willing to try new and different things. Look at the world! Planet earth and its inhabitants are suffering not from lack of leadership, but rather from lack of authentic, conscious, coherent and natural leadership. Do you need a stronger why to drop what you’re doing and commit to being the natural leader you are? Invest in you, reconnect with the you that resides in your heart! Get yourself connected to your heart’s toolkit. You’ll be thankful you did!

Have a wonderful 2019. Love & Light to you all!

1 It is now recognized in the scientific community that we have three brains. One in the head, one in the heart and one in the gut. 
2 According to the National Science Foundation, a typical human being can have anywhere between 15,000 and 65,000 thoughts a day. Ever wonder when one can really think?