Team building
and Leadership

Most if not all business leaders regularly organize team building retreats, hoping that it will help build quality teams, where harmony reigns, where communication is excellent, where objectives are met, if not surpassed. These retreats rarely reach these objectives or have long-term benefits. Why? Because the very reasons that make up a great, united and prosperous teams are simply ignored, because of lack of knowledge. Before you invest in yet another such event, keep reading.

According to recent neurosciences1 studies, what has a team demonstrating world-class results has to do with brain coherence of each member of the team. It is now known that we all have three brains: one in the head, one in the heart, and one in the gut [remember the “my gut feeling tells me” expression].

Teambuilding with nüco International

Nüco international’s team building uses retreats, workshops and one-on-one coaching with a different twist.

The main goal is to have each member of the team be individually coherent with his or her innate nature [coherence of the brains], so the team can be coherent and members focused in the same direction. We use recent neurosciences discoveries, practical exercises known to increase coherence, conversations targeting unconscious obstacles.

Success in team building rests on four pillars: a clear and inspiring vision, the conscious integration of personality types, wide-based relationship building [personal stories] and creating a culture that incorporates gratitude and recognition as core values. When these components are considered and integrated, innate motivation significantly rises.

When innate motivation goes up, so does the quality of relationship, communication and unity in the team!


in 2015, a McKinsey study2 evaluated hundreds of leadership programs. The conclusion: leadership programs are failing, despite 14 billion dollars of yearly investment in the USA alone. A third of surveyed businesses say they missed opportunities because of the lack of leadership. As far as we are concerned, we do notice that without clear personal vision, without the adequate use of personality traits and without the clarification of beliefs when it comes to leadership, managers are left trying to lead, showing no coherence and effectiveness. The result: 85% of the workforce in the world, according to Gallup3

, is not committed. In other words, solutions offered today simply do not hit the mark. Leaders are frustrated, just as much as employees.

So what is leadership?

Well, it has to do with the alignment of three brains4: the one in the head, the one in the heart, the one in the gut. You read that right. It is a fact. You have three brains. Welcome to the world of neurosciences.

We, at nüco international, focus our energies in unifying your three brains, so that what you think, what you say, how you feel and what you do is one! This coherence is heard and felt by your employees, making you charismatic, yet being absolutely who you are. You will enhance mobilization, naturally, without extra effort, simply by being coherent.

Selon les plus récentes recherches en neurosciences, ce qui fait qu’une équipe est de classe mondiale, c’est la cohérence des cerveaux de chacun, et ainsi, de l’ensemble du groupe.

En effet, il est maintenant connu que chacun d’entre nous disposons de trois cerveaux : un dans la tête, un dans le cœur, et un dans les « tripes » [d’où l’expression, mon « gut feeling » me dit que].

Le teambuilding assuré par le conférencier motivateur “Luc Cardinal” chez nüco International, ce sont des ateliers, du coaching, des retraites dont l’orientation principale est d’unifier chaque membre de l’équipe à la vision commune.

Cela passe par des notions de neurosciences, des exercices pratiques reconnus pour leur capacité à augmenter la cohérence, des conversations révélatrices des obstacles à la pleine réalisation de chacun, et donc, d’unité dans l’équipe.

Workshops and lectures
During speaking engagements, nüco International’s Luc Cardinal can truly contribute to creating stronger cohesiveness within your team, guiding you towards the Zone for Higher Performance. Rally your people around a compelling, transformative lecture.

2 « Why leadership­development programs fail » study.
3 Étude de Gallup Q12 Survey