Want more results? Slow Down!

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A Luc Cardinal keynote from the Zone for Higher Performance™ series

An international future lifestyle and aspirations study reveals that 78% of surveyed people would like to be able to slow down while 51% would like to work less. How and why?Savoir courir lentement ! Conférence de Luc Cardinal

A friend was always going a hundred miles an hour. So much to do, ever more demanding responsibilities, difficulties in getting support from his bosses, a load of mistakes to correct, an ocean of emails to attend to, just like text messages, overflowing phone calls and constant pressure. But what is he running after?

Everybody runs now days. All the time. The whole system has gotten out of hands, with everyone stuck in a wheel turning faster and faster, with no way out. And all the while, time to truly enjoy life is scarce, so scarce.

We therefore talk a lot about stress-related issues, work-family balance, taking longer vacations, ways to regain the upper hand. Meanwhile, stress and burnout are unfortunately perceived as almost normal. We are no longer designing our lives. Obligations are running us around and eating every small amount of time we had put aside for leisure. Yet, it is more possible than ever to reach higher performance capabilities, using less energy to reach our goals, faster.

In order to get more and better results, paradoxically, it is time to slow down!

In this unique conference, you’ll learn what recent practical discoveries in neurosciences tell us about time, efficiency and our capacity to produce quality results. You’ll see that you have all it takes to apply what you’ll discover to your own life and make sense of it all, so you can have better results, including a richer and more fulfilling life. It is not rocket science, but requires one thing: being open!

This keynote will shed a light on the relationship between time and communication, conflict, passion, motivation and commitment.

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You’ll discover:

  • The relationship between thoughts and the mad rush we’re in
  • Reasons that push us to keep going the way we have
  • Present moment consciousness and time

You’ll leave with:

  • A method for slowing down (and in time getting better results)
  • Ways to bring free flow into your life
  • A way to connect to your true potential

Each keynote or training features:

  • Scientific observations, practical examples and simple tools that can be used right away
  • Neuroscience knowledge applied to business environments

Target Audience:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • Employees
  • Mixed (employees and managers)

Available formats:

  • 45 to 90 minute keynotes: Presentation and some audience interactions
  • 3 to 6 hours training: Presentation, interactions and integration exercises

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