ZHP Leadership: a new breed is emerging!

 In ZHP Leadership and consciousness serving business

In our last blüg, we talk about consciousness in business and the need for a paradigm shift. Conscious leadership is a trend, and for good reasons. But what is a conscious leader when it comes to higher performance?

The ZHP Leader accesses his natural, innate and conscious leadership. The ZHP leader chooses to develop his cognitive, emotional and physical capacities, while opening the door to other consciousness levels. Now that he has access to a lot more than his box of conditionings, he invests his energy, time and money in becoming a Higher Performance Leader. He uses biohacking protocols, recent training modalities and technologies to increase concentration, empathy and energy levels. This means this leader takes care of his thoughts, emotions and feelings. He inspires members of his team in becoming the best they can be, simply for the pleasure of it. Performance is no longer a race, but a result. He knows who he is, what his personality is made of, and uses his innate leadership style. His vision, thoughts, emotions, words and actions are coherent. He is motivated in being happy now, cultivating balance and full potential development. He uses his business to express who he is while building a bright future for all.

The ZHP organizational culture is a conscious culture. Values of such organizations are respect, consideration, integrity, candor and empathy1. These values are the very foundations of a culture where human beings feel secure, trusted and valued. They can express their full potential, truly expand and perform like never before. Now that is a good start. For the ones who want to go further,  the ZHP culture will in time naturally generate more security, enabling people to freely talk about real issues. It will make people more open and able to get where others come from. It will generate a natural tendency to “walk an extra mile” so all can win, increasing pleasure and gratitude.

This type of culture encourages everyone to step beyond their comfort zone. Brain biohacking, heart coherence, training and unlearning experiences and coaching will work synergistically in supporting greater consciousness, and therefore results. Leaders who cultivate such cultures are encouraging natural talent deployment, because they know this is where the greatest growth potential lies. ZHP organizations defy the status quo. The work environment is designed to enhance well-being, energy levels and performance, enabling more collaboration at all levels.

Evolving consciousness in business means getting out of our box of conditioning, at a personal and organizational levels. It also means to reconnect to our reason for being, our fundamental why, the source of our vitality and zest for life. No more survival based performance here. Living and working in such a state makes it possible to connect to both our conscious and unconscious resources so we can perform without having to be stressed.

The ZHP leader is indeed a new breed, working so his business can serve his purpose, an example to follow in participating in the creation of a better you, we and planet.

In our next blüg, we will explore the elements that brings an entrepreneur in becoming a ZHP leader.

1 as discovered by André Coupet, a consultant in business strategy